@ Cuánto dura el parto

Depending on each woman, it can last minutes or more than 1 or 2 hours. In general, first-timers and women who have undergone epidural anesthesia take longer than the rest. If the doctor deems it necessary, you can practice an episiotomy, incision in the perineum that favors the passage of the baby.

The medical team encourages you to push wiA tip: do not accumulate tension in the face. Concentrate on pushing where it is necessary.
At any given time, they may ask you to push more gently or to stop pushing: that rest allows the vaginal area to distend instead of tearing.

Once the head is out, they will clear the baby’s airway and make sure the umbilical cord is free. The rest of the body will leave without problems.

Marisol Guisasolath each contraction, to accelerate the process. Some women prefer to let nature act until it feels like pushing. Also, there are those who prefer to push on stretchers and who decides to sit or squat. The best thing is for each woman to find the position in which she feels most comfortable.


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